Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bo Diddley-The Originator


He is a background to a music.

we're gonna get married

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Rolling Stones-Goats Head Soup (1973)

You're a star-fucker.
You can't say we're satisfied.
You can't say we never tried.

This album fuckin' grooves. Get a grip.

it's in the soup

Donovan-Open Road (1970)

Plenty of you ingrates consider Donovan a wash-out hippie because you all take Bob Dylan too seriously. Dylan was a prick, and yeah, Donovan is a traveler on the flake train....but.....there comes a moment where you need to think a bit outside of the Dylan-esque idea of what is relevant.

Donovan is a fucking beacon. This record smashes. John Carr's drumming is very reminiscent of another famous drummer named John who, at one time, was almost the battery for Donovan in another band...(read: John Bonham). Mike Thomson's bass playing is psychotic and rambling in the best possible ways, which brings us to the man himself.

This is by far Donovan's most lucid dream and most complete expression. After leaving the U.S. to return to England and assemble the Open Road band, Donovan found the freedom of working in a post-Mickie Most world. This, and his next record (HMS Donovan) show an artist who still eats granola, but no longer believes it is all he has to talk about.

Donovan haters....go die.

Open Road