Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jake Thackray - Lah Di Dah

Well, not exactly what you'd expect from me I suppose. Jake is a Yorkshire boy who often gets thrown in with the goofy British entertainers from the time whose clever lyrics set them nicely aloof. Jake is no such doofus. He's much more akin to an English Jacques Brel or even Brassens.

Jake is clever and hilarious, no doubt, but...he's also a tremendous guitar player and a very skilled arranger.

'Personal Column' and 'Sister Josephine' (about a convict posing as a nun) are personal favorites along with 'Ulysses' (about his dog who fucks up all of his conquests in society and love).

This is no throwaway artist. Listen once to 'The Last Will and Testament of Jake Thackray' and you will certainly see.

Not for everyone, but when's the last time you heard something you liked that was?

This collection spans his records and is kinda large. Just give it a chance. Maybe while you're drunk.

Lah Di Dah