Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gal Costa-Gal Costa (1969)

This is a great record to do it to. Especially if you're into doing it all intense-faced and while drunk on something exotic. This would be awesome Brazilian porno music.

Instead, it's just really amazing psychedelic music from Brazil in the late sixties. She's got an amazing voice and her band (in my humble opinion) is better than Os Mutantes. Go ahead and freak out at that comment but this music is just more fun for me.

Truly interesting and a nice break from the winter.

1. Nao Identificado
2. Sebastiana
3. Lost In The Paradise
4. Namorinho de Portao
5. Saudosismo
6. Se Voce Pensa
7. Vou Recomecar
8. Divino Maravilhoso
9. Que Pena
10. Baby
11. A Coisa Mais Linda Que Existe
12. Deus e o Amor

Note: for doing it purposes start record at track 5...

Gal Costa

Monday, December 29, 2008


So, today I put together all of my favorite stuff from the singles that the Urinals released for your listening pleasure.
We had the pleasure of sharing a night with these dudes in San Francisco this summer and boy, they are amazing...still.
Wonderful dudes who are still excited about music and still make incredible stuff. I gushed a lot at them and they responded hilariously. Just fun dudes to listen to stories from and talk music with. They even took it well when Intelligence covered 'Black Hole' immediately before they took the stage, which, well, wasn't a smooth move.

Lest we forget that there are some seriously legendary sounds in these here mp3's. 'I'm A Bug' was introduced to me by Nick Myers and was probably top five of my favorite songs in college. Check this stuff out. Some of it is pretty low-fi, but still just scorches. Everyone who digs post-punk should have this.

1. Dead Flowers
2. I'm A Bug
3. Ack, Ack, Ack
4. Hologram
5. Last Days of Man on Earth
6. Sex
7. Go Away Girl
8. Surfing With The Shah
9. Black Hole
10. U
11. I'm White and Middle Class


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Donovan-Fairy Tale

There's not much I can say about this record.

I'm posting it for a friend I lost this weekend.

She used to demand it be played whenever we sat stoned on my floor.

Seems cheezy, but I know she'd enjoy that I put it up. So, for Emma...

I Was Born With The Name Geraldine

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Will Give You Aural Pt. 2

Here's another mix. Lots o' good shit. Jacuzzi Boys cut is killing me right now. Worked on trying to get them to show up in order in your iTunes too. Hope it works. If you sort your music by album, then this should show up with the album title being 'I Will Give You Aural Pt. 2' if it doesn't, someone should let me know.


1. Thee Oh Sees- Poison Finger
2. Urinals-I'm A Bug
3. Ty Segall- Go Home
4. Troggs- We Waited For Someone
5. Television Personalities- Adventure Playground
6. SRC- Checkmate
7. The Saints- This Time
8. Jacuzzi Boys- Dream Lion
9. Redd Kross- Ann (Stooges Cover)
10. Coathangers- Parcheezzi
11. Neon Boys- Time
12. Blank Dogs- Three Window Room
13. Nerves- When You Find Out
14. Narrator- Culture/Counts

get aural

Screaming Trees-Even If and Especially When (1987)

Sorry to have not written for a while. Things have been busy and I've been hit by the S.A.D. It's cold as balls here in Chicago and not very fun to deal with. So...You get a grunge album. One of my favorites though, for sure. Mark Lanegan's voice gets on some people's nerves. Not mine. He was by far the best singer when MC5 did that reunion show with all those yokels singing and pretending they were cool.

This album is probably a grower for most of you. Definitely more psychedelic than most "grunge" at the time, it still is pretty straightforward rock music. "Don't Look Down" and "Pathway" are pretty awesome jams. The weird-ish "You Know Where It's At" gives away the obsession with NZ music.

You might not like this record, but you might also be kinda dumb.

1. Transfiguration
2. Straight Out to Any Place
3. World Painted
4. Don't Look Down
5. Girl Behind the Mask
6. Flying
7. Cold Rain
8. Other Days and Different Places
9. Pathway
10. You Know Where It's At
11. Back Together
12. In The Forest

Screaming Trees

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gandalf-S/T (1969)

This one is a true psych gem. Fast, slow, straight, weird, named after a character from LOTR. What else do you want? OH. Forgot...a bunch of the tunes on here are kick-ass re-worked Tim Hardin songs. O.K. so nowwwww what more do you want?

Got turned onto this by my boss Tim at the record store and pretty soon it was being played every day. The tempos on it are near perfect and it seems that the record flows in a strange intuitive way. Don't know much about these guys and I don't think that they even went on to release another record. Bummer.

'I Watch The Moon' is the jam here, but there are all kindsa runners up to that. 'Tiffany Rings' a great version of 'Golden Earrings' that supplies the real psych-out here.

This one is super highly recommended.

1. Golden Earrings
2. Hang On To A Dream
3. Never Too Far
4. Scarlet Ribbons
5. You Upset The Grace Of Living
6. Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
7. Nature Boy
8. Tiffany Rings
9. Me About You
10. I Watch The Moon


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pere Ubu-Dub Housing

"Pere Ubu is not now nor has it ever been a viable commercial venture. We won't sleep on floors, we won't tour endlessly and we're embarrassed by self-promotion. Add to that a laissez-faire attitude to the mechanics of career advancement and a demanding artistic agenda and you've got a recipe for real failure. That has been our one significant success to this date: we are the longest-lasting, most disastrous commercial outfit to ever appear in rock 'n' roll. No one can come close to matching our loss to longevity ratio." – David Thomas

Pere Ubu is pretty much the weirdest band I can think of. I know everyone is going to come up with shit to discount me, but compare those bands to the musical weight (no pun intended, David) of Pere Ubu and it doesn't come close. These guys were trying to be weird at times, sure, but it came so naturally for them. 4/4 time for them sounds foreign. Hard to believe that David wrote 'Sonic Reducer' while he was still in Rocket From the Tombs.

As weird as they seem to be, this record is a great, solid, engaging record. Quality is never sacrificed for plain freak outs (although there are plenty of those). I know a lot of people have already heard this record, or own it, but i figured that it's probably sat under a bunch of other shit for a few months. Hopefully, this will encourage some of you guys to give a complete listen to a record that simply kills.

1. Navvy
2. On the Surface
3. Dub Housing
4. Caligari's Mirror
5. Thriller!
6. I Will Wait
7. Drinking Wine Spodyody
8. Ubu Dance Party
9. Blow Daddy-O
10. Codex

Dub Housing

Monday, December 8, 2008

Loudon Wainwright-Album II

So, I said that I would post an album today for someone.
Here it is.

This is hands down my favorite folk record of all time, and the only record I want to listen to when I fucked up in the middle of the night doing shit I really shouldn't be doing.

The lyrics on this album are totally insane. I have never, and quite possibly will never, hear such macho vulnerability. It's a total mind-fuck. Not to mention the fact that this dude has been on all my favorite TV shows and is a total bad ass. What happened to his kids? They suck. I mean, Loudon got totally cheezy in his old age, but we have already had the latter day sins discussion right?

'Trilogy: A. I Know I'm Unhappy B. Suicide Song C. Glenville Reel' has put me in a pretty fucked up mood more than once.
'Motel Blues' is totally fucking twisted and incredible, it's also probably Loudon's most recognized song.
The first line of 'Saw Your Name In The Paper' is awesome.
One of the grower songs on here is 'Samson and the Warden'. It's kinda goofy, but the delivery and phrasing is impeccable. Proof of the sheer songwriting ability this man has.

First line of 'Plane, Too' is pretty sweet too...

So totally fucking recommended...

1. Me And My Friend The Cat
2. Motel Blues
3. Nice Jewish Girls
4. Be Careful There's A Baby In The House
5. Trilogy
6. Saw Your Name In The Paper
7. Samson and the Warden
8. Plane, Too
9. Cook That Dinner, Dora
10. Old Friend
11. Old Paint
12. Winter Song

Motel Blues

Coachwhips-Bangers Vs. Fuckers

It's Monday morning, I am in my office.
Let's try something brutal to wake us all up, eh?
I feel that this could be the soundtrack for the Blackhawks pounding of the Coyotes last night too.

This is the one and only John Dwyer (Pink & Brown, Thee Oh Sees). I have been playing Oh Sees stuff a whole lot, but after it was brought to my attention that putting that record up would be kinda shitty, I'll put one from his now defunct garage band.
This shit is so loud that when it comes on shuffle you think that the speakers on whatever you're listening to it on are going to explode (It has destroyed a pair of iPod headphones). Great stuff, really fun, and great lyrics even though you can't understand them.

This stuff isn't for the faint, it's fast, loud, and all the songs are kinda same-y. The funny thing is, it doesn't detract from the record at all.

Fuck Monday!

1. You Gonna Get It
2. Extinguish Me
3. I Knew Her
4. Purse Peekin'
5. Dance Floor Bathroom
6. I Drank What?
7. Evil Son
8. The Alarm
9. Recline, Recline
10. Muscle of Love
11. Good Night, Good Bye

I Drank What?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Trojan Rocksteady Rarities Box

Simply had to give you guys the link to this it's incredible shit.
This blog is great for rocksteady stuff too, so look around.

The Saints-Eternally Yours (1978)

We got new thoughts, new ideas it's all so groovy
It's just a shame that we've all seen the same old movies

The Saints 2nd record is and is not a departure from (I'm) Stranded. There's definitely more of an R&B feel and it's hard not to notice the horns blaring, but the idea is still pretty similar. Bailey's voice is one of the best in rock and roll history and I feel no sense of hyperbole by saying so. He can honestly sing a line without trying to sing a line.

The themes of these tunes are pretty dark and show these dudes growing desire to be removed from the "punk" scene. The amazing thing about the Saints is that this is 1978 in Australia. It's not like they're from NY with a bunch of buds who wanna be in bands and go see shows. They were fucking marooned.

Simply a fantastic band, an even more fantastic singer, and great songs. If you aren't already up on this you need to be.
(This is from the reissue, so I threw a couple bonus cuts on here, i'll denote the original tracklist with asterisks)

1. Know Your Product
2. Lost And Found
3. Memories Are Made of This
4. Private Affair
5. A Minor Aversion
6. No, Your Product
7. This Perfect Day
8. Run Down
9. Orstralia
10. New Center of the Universe
11. Untitled
12. (I'm) Misunderstood
13. International Robots
*14. L.I.E.S.
*15. Do The Robot

Eternally Yours

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tall Dwarfs-Slugbucket Hairybreath Monster EP (1984)

This is a great little EP. I cut one of the songs (Phil's Disease Day 2) because it's pretty much unlistenable and I think I didn't even rip it. It's strange, these guys ran close with the Clean but definitely were on the weirder side of shit. The first time I heard this EP, Ethan was playing it at Continental and I remember searching and searching for it since that night. It was like three years ago. One of those things that is intriguing because it just sounds so out of left field, but not in a way that suggests it is trying to do so. I investigated after and tried to get into other Chris Knox (the brain behind Tall Dwarfs) stuff but was actually pretty disappointed at how lazy it sounded. Good ideas, but too many of them, and none of them holding hands.

This is the exception, four hands down awesome cuts from a band trying to find legs. I would say it is worth checking their other stuff if you dig this simply because everyone's experiences are different. In fact, most people who I talk with about this EP fall all over themselves talking about how great Stumpy and Weeville are.

Either way, classic New Zealand lo-fi.

1. The Brain That Wouldn't Die
2. Crush
3. I've Left Memories Behind
4. Phil's Disease (Day 1)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This record totally feeds my monster that is my post-rock past. The guitar playing is great, it's kinda wussy sounding at points and really scary at others, pretty neat stuff. Everyone I play it for really likes it, and that kinda says more about the people I associate with than it does the record, but if you like the other stuff I put up here, chances are you'll like this.
Totally surprising that these guys are a newish band that doesn't really have that much hype yet. This seems like it could ride the Deerhunter train straight to coolsville.

That said, there's a bit of that "noise rock" shit going on here which I have pretty much no tolerance for. Go ahead, say what you will but that shit is fucking boring. Do you just go to the airport and listen to planes taking off? I know that likely sounds real dumb, and that there are groaners out there saying that I am an unenlightened individual. To those people I say this...Stop trying to pretend that you are an artist when you are merely a hipster.

Oh, the rest of the record is good. I actually don't even really mind the noise stuff. Just had to get some off that shit off the chest.

1. Flashlights
2. January 8th
3. Upstairs
4. Shaking Hand
5. Group Transport Hall
6. Sag Harbor Bridge
7. Black Rice
8. Woodbine
9. Lawncare
10. Cameras


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teenage Fanclub-A Catholic Education

I have been playing this record entirely too much. I'm voting it best 'ride home from work on the 66' album of November. Truly, a distinguished accolade. There's something about this record for me as opposed to 'Bandwagonesque'. I'm not sure if it's just a tad less pussy, or if the songs are just better. It's a really brilliantly produced record. The guitars sound like a tweaked synth but not at all when you focus on them. It's bizarre. The lyrics are fantastic and really funny at points, but at others some of the most desperate/plaintiff/confused one-liners around. The fast songs seem like they're being dragged behind the band and it's great. Yeah, there's some duds on here. I think that should be expected. But, for this time of year, I can't really come up with any good reason to listen to anything else as regularly as I listen to this.
'Every Picture That I Paint' and 'Everything Flows' are total classics, but these dudes really shine when they get a little snarky and funny, so make sure to take lyrical heed to 'Everybody's Fool'.

Super Highly Recommended

1. Heavy Metal
2. Everything Flows
3. Catholic Education
4. Too Involved
5. Don't Need A Drum
6. Critical Mass
7. Heavy Metal 2
8. Catholic Education 2
9. Eternal Light
10. Every Picture That I Paint
11. Everybody's Fool

A Catholic Education

The survey winner....Neil Young-On The Beach

So I know that the survey thing was dorky, but in all honesty, so am I.
As promised, here is the victorious Neil record in its entirety.

This was the awaited follow-up to his commercial success 'Harvest' and is a pretty big departure.
If you read Shakey, you know that this is also the album where Elliot Roberts introduced the boys to 'honey slides' which is pretty much a bunch of weed cooked into a shot glass with honey and done like a shot. It's quite incapacitating and is purportedly the reason behind the slow down on side two of the album.

Neil is something else. Truly someone that I would defend at any juncture of his career. Nobody talks shit on Neil Young unless they have no fucking clue what is going on.

1. Walk On
2. See The Sky About To Rain
3. Revolution Blues
4. For The Turnstiles
5. Vampire Blues
6. On The Beach
7. Motion Pictures

On The Beach

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kool Keith-Black Elvis/Lost In Space

Certainly my favorite hip hop album as of right now, this thing is fucking hilarious. I'm sure a lot of you know this record, but some of you indie rock kids might not have ventured into this territory yet. As Keith says: 'Black people mingle, white people buy my single'. In other words, even if you have bangs, you might like this record.

Keith is a true original and definitely a strange guy.
Miles has some pretty decent stories if you get a chance to ask him.
While I'm at it, you should roll over to the Reader's site and read his write-up of the No Age show at AV-Aerie

1. Intro
2. Lost In Space
3. Rockets on the Battlefield
4. Livin' Astro
5. Supergalactic Lover
6. Master of the Game
7. I'm Seein' Robots
8. Static
9. Intro 2
10. Black Elvis
11. Maxi Curls
12. Keith Turbo
13. Fine Girls
14. The Girls Don't Like The Job
15. Clifton
16. All The Time
17. I Don't Play

Black Elvis

Sparks-Sparks/Halfnelson (1971)

Definitely an acquired taste, but one that is hard to get out of your mouth either way. This one is their first and in my opinion resides near the top of their output. Produced and signed by Todd Rundgren, you can see how someone would be drawn to the optimism and ingenuity of the songs. 'Wonder Girl' is a definite hit and completely strange all at once, 'High C' is probably my favorite cut on here though. All over the place and great, Highly Recommended for fans of Ween and to those of you who dug the Soft Boys record (kind of a stretch but...)

1. Wonder Girl
2. Fa La Fa Lee
3. Roger
4. High C
5. Fletcher Honorama
6. Simple Ballet
7. Slowboat
8. Biology 2
9. Saccharin and the War
10. Big Bands
11. (No More) Mr. Nice Guys (Bonus Track)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Television Personalities-Privilege

Some of you might know, the TVPs are probably sitting right at the top of my top three as far as bands go. I remember seeing this record while working at Hi-Fi sitting in the racks and I had dug on them a little bit because of Seth pushing 'And Don't The Kids Just Love It' and it kinda blew me away. I remember the Dots covering 'Silly Girl' and just listening to that song over and over again.

As anyone who has worked in a record store knows, there's lots and lots of time to listen to records, so naturally, I got around to Privilege. I hated it. I think that I may have listened to it once or twice (not even the whole way through) and then totally dismissed it as 90's late period garbage from a formerly great band. It's much more produced than any TVPs record and the songs almost sound kinda Kiss Me! Kiss Me! Kiss Me! Cure at points. 'My Hedonistic Tendencies' sounds like Prince. 'Sometimes I Think You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself' sounds like Bananarama. The record is all over the place. 'All My Dreams Are Dead' (which is one of the better lyrical experiments) is straight Cure and totally reminiscent of the stuff off of 'The Painted Word'. It's still obviously the same band, but the same band being ambitious in a non-offensive/annoying way.

Right now, I think it ranks in my top three albums by these guys. Right after 'And Don't The Kids...' just because of the impact that had and maybe above 'They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles' since the songs are so much more diverse, and on a whole, just better. This album is great for this time of the year, and also a nice one for longer drives.

It's kinda hit or miss. You'll love it or dismiss it. Who knows, maybe the tables will turn five years down the road when you turn into a total pussy.

1. Paradise Is For The Blessed
2. A Good And Faithful Servant
3. Conscience Tells Me No
4. My Hedonistic Tendencies
5. All My Dreams Are Dead
6. Salvador Dali's Garden Party
7. The Man Who Paints The Rainbow
8. What If It's Raining?
9. Sad Mona Lisa
10. The Engine Driver Song
11. Sometimes I Think You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself
12. Privilege
13. The Room At The Top of The Stairs
14. This Time There's No Happy Ending
15. Part One: Fulfilling The Contractual Obligations

Become Privileged

The Gories-I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'?

Bought this ages ago but never got into then. Listened to it a while ago after getting more into the Dirtbombs and realized how much better the Gories were. There isn't really much here that is goin to knock your socks off, but it's terrifyingly solid and the lyrics are really funny. Mick is a much better singer than I ever gave him credit for and I think I owe him an e-pology.
Songs like 'Thunderbird ESQ' and 'Nitroglycerine' are what rock songs should be...short, and dumb. Figured I better follow up the Bee Gees with something a little more accessible. Diggit!

1. Hey, Hey We're The Gories
2. Detroit Breakdown
3. Stranded
4. Goin' to the River
5. Early in the Morning
6. Thunderbird ESQ
7. Nitroglycerine
8. Let Your Daddy Ride
9. Six Cold Feet
10. Smashed
11. Ghost Rider
12. Chick-Inn
13. View From Here
14. Feral
15. I Think I've Had It
16. Charm Bag
17. Boogie Chillun
18. I'll Go
19. Hidden Charms
20. Sovereignty Flight
21. You'll Be Mine
22. You Done Got Wrong
23. Sister Ann
24. Give Me Love

i know you fine...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bee Gees-Cucumber Castle

I have a long running obsession with this record.
I guess that soon I'll have to post the Robin Gibb record too, but this is the one that started me on psych Bee Gees. This shit ain't for everyone, it gets pretty ridiculous and the vocals can be strange/annoying/unbearable for some. To me, it sounds like the happiest mix of Millennium, Gandalf, and strange British folk. Although Robin is my favorite, I just can't stop loving this record. (He doesn't play on it, except for one track)

I suggest you give it a couple spins. You might want to be a little weeded, because it sure is pretty weird at first. Songs about God, Dogs, and being buried are hard to digest all at once. If you get past the initial fear that you might actually like a Bee Gees record I think a lot of people will be singing these dude's praises real soon.

Super Highly Recommended

1. Bury Me Down By The River
2. The Chance Of Love
3. Don't Forget To Remember
4. I Was The Child
5. I.O.I.O
6. If Only I Had My Mind On Something Else
7. Lay Down And Die
8. The Lord
9. My Thing
10. Sweetheart
11. Then You Left Me
12. Turning Tide

Enter the Cucumber Castle

Shrimpss-Endless Shrimpss

well, lusty, seth, jesse, and i went into lust's place yesterday and made an EP.
actually, it's only three songs.
funny, but i'm pretty proud of some of it.

we'll likely try and get some more of these done soon as this is how calibrated crematorium got started.
it's much nicer to actually have a studio at your disposal as is evidenced by the recording quality.
totally amazing vocal by jesse on the 'ripped friends' track.
getting pretty into this shit as i load it up.
hopefully, i'm not just residually drunk/fucked up.

1. Manufactured Company
2. Ripped Friends
3. Accidents


Friday, November 21, 2008

Calibrated Crematorium-2 songs from a new record

So, how about some shamesless self-promo.
These are two tunes from our newest thing that is about to come out on Contraphonic in a couple months.
Just figuring stuff out for it now.
People had been wondering what we were doing so I figure I'll try and get people interested before we drop a feather at a metal show and nobody even hears that the record is coming out.
It's going to be called 'What Makes Star Salesmen Tick'.

These are two of my favorites.
One's a Seth tune and the other is one we wrote about Continental right as it's about to close and the wolves come out.

1. 3:30 Continental
2. It's A Shame That You're Leaving

Get Calibrated

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Randy California-Kapt. Kopter and His (Fabulous) Twirly Birds

This one might not be for the indie rockers. Totally a heavy 70s jam record. You know Randy as the guitar player in Spirit. After Spirit put out Dr. Sardonicus they broke up and Randy started this band. Jimi Hendrix had just died (a great friend of Randy's) and it hit him pretty hard which explains the darker stuff on this record. Noel Redding even plays on it and is credited on the back as 'Clit McTorius'.

All around, a pretty solid record with some boring-ish too long shit on the second side. The first few tracks and the cover of 'Rain' are definitely worth the download. This record was playing quite a bit during the summer and I'm breaking it back out. Join me.

1. Downer
2. Devil
3. I Don't Want Nobody
4. Day Tripper
5. Mother and Child Reunion
6. Things Yet To Come
7. Rain
8. Rainbow
9. Walkin' the Dog
10. Live For The Day
11. Rebel


I Will Give You Aural

Figured I'd do a mix this time.
If I do say so, it's a pretty good mix.
Maybe I'll put them up from time to time.
The word 'mix' bothers me though.

1. Old Pervert-The Soft Boys
2. Brotherhood of Death-Apollo Sunshine
3. This Ain't No Hussle-Thomas Function
4. Adult Acid-Thee Oh Sees
5. Visit to the Gynecologist-Dr. Octagon
6. Get My Nails Did-Tobacco
7. Shaking Hand-Women
8. Activation-Atlas Sound
9. Everybody's Fool-Teenage Fanclub
10. Wildlife-Cheap Time
11. I Drank What?-Coachwhips
12. Dead Babies-Deep Wound
13. Girl on a Swing-Kevin Ayers
14. Shane-Liz Phair
15. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (New York BOTT sessions)-Bob Dylan

mix mix mix mix mix

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ian Dury & the Blockheads-New Boots and Panties (1977)

"Wake Up and Make Love To Me" is the funniest song about morning wood I have ever heard.
Maybe my favorite British album of all time behind the Specials.

1. Wake Up and Make Love To Me
2. Sweet Gene Vincent
3. I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra
4. My Old Man
5. Billericay Dickie
6. Clevor Trevor
7. If I Was With A Woman
8. Blockheads
9. Plaistow Patricia
10. Blackmail Man
11. Sex and Drugs and Rock N' Roll

New Boots and Panties

Liz Phair-Exile In Guyville

So, I'm sure everyone is having a double-take moment, but fuck you. This record is great, and holding someone's latter day sins against them totally destroys everyone we look up to. When you get older you start to suck, that's fact. Dumbass Jim Derogatis decided he'd do a class of '93 article or some shit in the Sun TImes so I decided I'd post this record to remind everyone that making a record this good should be enough to cement your legacy.

The first song I ever listened to in my sister's brand new (with 100,000 miles on it) Toyota Corolla was 'Fuck and Run'. It made me feel like the coolest kid in the entire world. It was so dirty and hilarious and I understood nothing of what was going on with it besides the swears. I remember hearing 'Flower' for the first time and developing my first real star obsession. I remember going to see her and being so disappointed that she couldn't sing or play her guitar and that all the songs sounded really really bad live, and still, I couldn't get past how much I loved Guyville.

Recently, I picked it back up on my sister's recommendation and it's still as good as it was when I was thirteen. Go ahead and hate, but fuck you.

1. 6'1"
2. Help Me Mary
3. Glory
4. Dance of the Seven Veils
5. Never Said
6. Soap Star Joe
7. Explain It to Me
8. Canary
9. Mesmerizing
10. Fuck and Run
11. Girls! Girls! Girls!
12. Divorce Song
13. Shatter
14. Flower
15. Johnny Sunshine
16. Gunshy
17. Stratford-On-Guy
18. Strange Loop

Fuck and Run

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bob Darin-Born Walden Robert Cassotto (1968)

There's been a whole lot of good words coming my way from the other Bob Darin post, so I figured I would put up my favorite record by him. It was made a year before 'Commitment' and is the first record he released on his Direction label. It seems kinda odd that there is such an overwhelming response to the Darin records from everyone I've played them for. There's something about these songs that kinda just snaps fingers in front of your face.

Although I love 'Commitment', the lyrics on 'Born...' are far and away better. I hate being a lyric man, as it seems like such a silly thing to be focusing on with this album, but so it is. Lines like "...and the ocean floor will be like a whore, who will lie no more, because she's dead..." on 'Questions' are so not Darin, but are delivered with conviction. It also has the tear-jerker, Bobby's tribute to Robert Kennedy, as the last song on the album.

Bob Darin is certainly not Bobby Darin and his ability to do such a thing late in his career is quite genius. These songs speak for themselves, but if they didn't I'm sure that you could have went and asked Bob.

1. Questions
2. Jingle Jangle Jungle
3. The Proper Gander
4. Bullfrog
5. Long Line Rider
6. Change
7. I Can See The Wind
8. Sunday
9. In Memoriam (Robert Kennedy)

Born Walden Robert Cassotto

Captain Beefheart-Bluejeans and Moonbeams

So, sorry the first track from the Dutronc album was missing, trying to track it down on my hard drive and it's not happening.

Anyhow, I figured I'd put up this record by Beefheart because a lot of people I thought would be obsessed with it have never heard it. I'm looking at you Jesse. It's typical Beefheart in the sense that, yeah, it's pretty weird at times, but this record is way more slick and easy to digest than one like Trout Mask. I first got suckered in by "Observatory Crest" which is such a fucking weird ballad that even after listening to it fifty times I still can't figure out the vocal phrasing and fuck it up when I sing along.

Primarily a "heavy blues" album, with songs like "Twist Ah Luck" and "Pompadour Swamp", the record can seem a little hokey at times. Don't let it fool you, the songs are all solid and even the seemingly cheezy stuff will get caught in your head. That said, it's the ballads on here that just slay. Don's voice is perfect for ballads, when you think about it, and as far as I know, these are some of the only ones he sang.

1. Party Of Special Things To Do
2. Same Old Blues
3. Observatory Crest
4. Pompadour Swamp
5. Captain's Holiday
6. Rock and Roll's Evil Doll
7. Further Than We've Gone
8. Twist Ah Luck
9. Bluejeans and Moonbeams

Bluejeans and Moonbeams

Friday, November 14, 2008

Jacques Dutronc-1st LP (1966)

Last one for today. Keep up on the world music tip with my fav french stuff.
Dutronc is smarter than Dylan, and more french that Serge.

This record is great for a few reasons:
1. La Compapade. A completely insane tribal farce that alternates between my favorite and least favorite song on the record.
2. J'ai Mis un Tigre Dans Ma Guitare. I put a tiger in my guitar?? Seriously? Incredible. The delivery is soooo distant, alternating between snarky and reserved. I am by no means a french speaking American, but I feel like I can understand what he's saying on this one.
3. The production of the drums. Whoa. 1966?
4. How could you not love the cover of the album?

01. Les Play-Boys WHOOPS, MISSING....SORRY.
02. L'Espace D'Une Fille
03. Sur Une Nappe De Restaurant
04. J'Ai Mis Un Tigre Dans Ma Guitare
05. Les Cactus
06. Et Moi, Et Moi
07. L'Opération
08. On Nous Cache Tout, On Nous Dit Rien
09. La Fille Du Pere Noel
10. Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous
11. La Compapadé
12. Mini, Mini, Mini

Tracks might be out of order on the download....Sorry.
Rearrange yourself.

Et Moi!

The Gaylads-Soul Beat

I figured it's just starting to get cold outside so I would try and listen to some of my summer cuts. This one worked especially well as it is nice to sit in a heated (thank you pilot light) apartment and drink to. Of all the reggae stuff I listen to, this and Delroy Wilson have got to be fighting for my favorite. Just great rocksteady.

These guys were Ken Boothe's backing band on a lot of his recordings and were Winston and Bibby before going to the Gaylads name. This record doesn't include their one Jamaican hit, "Africa", but in my eyes is their best stuff.


1. Peculiar Man
2. How Can I Go On?
3. Red Rose
4. The Soul Beat
5. I Am Free
6. Love Me With All Of You
7. Simple Way of Living (This is a STONE COLD jam)
8. Wait On Me
9. You Are Leaving Now
10. Go Away
11. She Cryed
12. She Want It
13. Joy In The Morning

Get The Soul Beat

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bob Darin-Commitment

Alright, this one is going to take a little longer to explain.
First of all, it's one of my favorite records that I have ever heard and i didn't even know it existed until about two or three years ago. Finding it was another task.
My old boss at the record store, Tim, used to play me Darin's first foray into the swampy sound, Born Robert Walden Cassotto, all the time. I couldn't believe that it was really "Mack the Knife" singing it. Then I heard the story behind it.

Apparently, when the 60's hit, Bobby got less involved in the pop music schmaltz and became much more politcally active. He attached himself to Bobby Kennedy during his run for president. They were dear friends and Darin was actually at the hotel the day Kennedy was shot.

Bobby was devastated. He sold all his shit, moved into a trailer in Big Sur, and started his own record label, Direction, which released this gem sometime later. Playing nearly all of the instruments himself, writing, and producing doesn't even seem to have phased the process. The song's flaws seem intentional and the goal of the recording seems realized.

This is a record that might seem odd at first, but one that has fit any situation I've tested it in. We listened to it EVERY SINGLE DAY while recording the new MM record, and our engineer Mike now swears by it. It represents everything I have come to appreciate about music. It's stark but solid, funny but not goofy, smart but not coy. Best of all, it's a man truly removing all the veneer. A truly great musician testing his mettle.

Fan boy.

1. Me And Mr Hohner
2. Sugar-Man
3. Saulsalito (Governor's Song)
4. Song For A Dollar
5. Harvest
6. Distractions (Part 1)
7. Water Color Canvas
8. Jive
9. Hey Magic Man
10. Light Blue

Commit to the Darin

Soft Boys-Underwater Moonlight

I think that it goes without saying, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway: You should buy these records if you like them.
Of course, there's going to be some shit that's up here exclusively because you can't buy it, but...

Anyway, this record has been slaying me every bus ride to work for about a month now and it just keep getting better.
It's strange that this was put out by Matador since they kinda vaguely remind me of the glory days of Pavement. I'm sure that Pavement would take that as a pretty insane compliment since Soft Boys just get it so much better. Very intelligent (not in an overbearing way) hooks and hilarious lyrics and the guitar parts are simple to listen to and impossible to figure out.
Very very highly recommended to fans of guitar rock bands who aren't total dolts.

1. I Wanna Destroy You
2. Kingdom of Love
3. Positive Vibrations
4. I Got the Hots
5. Insanely Jealous
6. Tonight
7. You'll Have to Go Sideways
8. Old Pervert
9. Queen of Eyes
10. Underwater Moonlight
11. He's a Reptile
12. Vegetable Man (Syd Barrett)
13. Strange
14. Only the Stones Remain
15. Where Are the Prawns?
16. Dreams
17. Black Snake Diamond Rock
18. There's Nobody Like You
19. Song #4

Underwater Moonlight

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

(Us And) All of Our Friends Are So Messed Up

After being begged and begged to post this, I finally am.
This isn't the appropriate image to correspond with the recording, but fuck it.
It's just one track (the one we just covered for the new MM record) followed immediately by "Her Name Was Jane", another jam.
Thanks Cyndi, and sorry I fucked with the lyrics on the record.

Get Messed Up

Guess how I'm going to start this...

I figure, what the fuck, I don't waste enough time, right?
So, without further ado, here is the new music blog and other bullshit.

Let's start with Ace's finest.
Snowblind? Sounds like he may be, but still flawless.
Don't even try to hate what you cannot imitate.

1. Rip It Out
2. Speedin' Back To My Baby
3. Snow Blind
4. Ozone
5. What's On Your Mind?
6. New York Groove
7. I'm In Need of Love
8. Wiped-Out
9. Fractured Mirror

Get Back In the New York Groove