Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This record totally feeds my monster that is my post-rock past. The guitar playing is great, it's kinda wussy sounding at points and really scary at others, pretty neat stuff. Everyone I play it for really likes it, and that kinda says more about the people I associate with than it does the record, but if you like the other stuff I put up here, chances are you'll like this.
Totally surprising that these guys are a newish band that doesn't really have that much hype yet. This seems like it could ride the Deerhunter train straight to coolsville.

That said, there's a bit of that "noise rock" shit going on here which I have pretty much no tolerance for. Go ahead, say what you will but that shit is fucking boring. Do you just go to the airport and listen to planes taking off? I know that likely sounds real dumb, and that there are groaners out there saying that I am an unenlightened individual. To those people I say this...Stop trying to pretend that you are an artist when you are merely a hipster.

Oh, the rest of the record is good. I actually don't even really mind the noise stuff. Just had to get some off that shit off the chest.

1. Flashlights
2. January 8th
3. Upstairs
4. Shaking Hand
5. Group Transport Hall
6. Sag Harbor Bridge
7. Black Rice
8. Woodbine
9. Lawncare
10. Cameras



Josh H. said...

I love this record. The only reason they aren't huge is because they are completely un-Google-able.

Kevin Kujawa said...

that's a totally incredible point
it took me ten minutes to find the cover of the damn record.

dirt mcBurt said...

I love Women. Both kinds.

Kevin Kujawa said...


Anonymous said...

don't want to be this guy - but i'm not sure i agree with posting full, new albums from working bands. if someone put up a whole record of mine without permission i'd send them one fucking stern (yet polite) email. i will make an exception here though - because Women are from Canada, and their government gives tons of money to indie bands...or something.

Kevin Kujawa said...

i can understand that, and i should do (and will) a better job of encouraging people to purchase records they like on here.

works both ways, because i'm sure that a lot of people wouldn't buy a record they have never heard that has kinda a crappy cover like this one from a band that they don't know.


in no way trying to take money out of the artist's hands. just saying that one hand washes the other.

James said...

Labels usually pay to have discs made & send hundreds of them out to douche bags who could give a shit, Those same douche bags often turn around & sell them to record stores for beer money.

I understand your point, Anonymous, but I think you have to look at this:

Kevin puts forth an effort to review the discs. If I were in a crappy indie rock band (and I was), I would understand that there's no money to be made in indie rock and, if there is, it's because someone does something like this and all of his friends and followers go out and buy the album, either from iTunes or their record store. It sets of a chain reaction. Most indie bands & labels do this because they love what they do or what someone else is doing. If they don't realize this early on, they gonna call it quits before long. Now, when Women come to play Chicago, Kevin and everyone that appreciates Kevin's taste in music will be at the Empty Bottle. From my experience, that'll mean much more to them than the fact that you cannot stop people from downloading music and, as I stated, by putting forth the effort to review an album, he's doing more good than harm. I can't say the same for the label as far as opinions on this goes, but most of them have by now realized this shit is an epidemic and, if they were hip to things, have probably stop buying CDs in general. You have to cater to your crowd (pressing vinyl), otherwise the buffet is gonna get cold. Y'know?

Consider him Bloggin' Hood. Rob from the poor, give to the poor.

Now, I'm gonna go see them play at Viper Room with I'm on the Drug that Killed River Phoenix and buy their record from them on vinyl so I can use it to DJ at some art opening somewhere. It's a hit!

Anonymous said...

such support.
narrator rules.

James said...

You can't fight a feeling.

Edward said...
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Anonymous said...

why not just post a song or 2 from the new new shizz?

James said...

Good point. I guess you look at it like hanging out at Kevin's house & listening to the record- but that his house is this blog. I just don't think it's completely awful. I consider torrent sites & programs like Soulseek to be worse for some unknown reason.

Man, there are a lot of typos in my post up there. I wouldn't take anything I said seriously if I John Q. Blog-Reader. I think I had this argument in 2002, though, and I feel like things have only gotten easier to find. I hardly ever download things anymore, in fact, which is why I like listening things Kevin posts that I haven't heard. You, know, I've got a little baddddd boy in me (in a non-sexual manner).

Edward said...

james + Kevin -

why don't you practice what you preach and put the entire new MM album up here for DL?


James said...

I need quit my preachin', take some Ritalin, and take a grammar course.

Until next week, boys...

Kevin Kujawa said...

the day that our new album is released it will be the first thing i post on here. til then, i'll try to stick to releases that are either out of print or less current.

bohnhead773 said...

most baddasstest record i've heard in a long time. gonna buy the vinyl. pissed i missed em on halloween with king khan n bbq....fizzuck.

bohnhead773 said...
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Edward said...

james - if you need to ramble a little to get to "blogging hood," it's well worth it. i know what i'm gonna be for Halloween next year.

Couture said...

This record is Fantastic. I love the noisy bits and the sweet bits and the instrumental bits. It's an artistic little number with a little noise and great pop sensibility. I've turned a number of people on to it in the few months that I've been listening to it. I will definitely BUY THIS ON VYNIL. And you should too!