Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tall Dwarfs-Slugbucket Hairybreath Monster EP (1984)

This is a great little EP. I cut one of the songs (Phil's Disease Day 2) because it's pretty much unlistenable and I think I didn't even rip it. It's strange, these guys ran close with the Clean but definitely were on the weirder side of shit. The first time I heard this EP, Ethan was playing it at Continental and I remember searching and searching for it since that night. It was like three years ago. One of those things that is intriguing because it just sounds so out of left field, but not in a way that suggests it is trying to do so. I investigated after and tried to get into other Chris Knox (the brain behind Tall Dwarfs) stuff but was actually pretty disappointed at how lazy it sounded. Good ideas, but too many of them, and none of them holding hands.

This is the exception, four hands down awesome cuts from a band trying to find legs. I would say it is worth checking their other stuff if you dig this simply because everyone's experiences are different. In fact, most people who I talk with about this EP fall all over themselves talking about how great Stumpy and Weeville are.

Either way, classic New Zealand lo-fi.

1. The Brain That Wouldn't Die
2. Crush
3. I've Left Memories Behind
4. Phil's Disease (Day 1)


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