Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teenage Fanclub-A Catholic Education

I have been playing this record entirely too much. I'm voting it best 'ride home from work on the 66' album of November. Truly, a distinguished accolade. There's something about this record for me as opposed to 'Bandwagonesque'. I'm not sure if it's just a tad less pussy, or if the songs are just better. It's a really brilliantly produced record. The guitars sound like a tweaked synth but not at all when you focus on them. It's bizarre. The lyrics are fantastic and really funny at points, but at others some of the most desperate/plaintiff/confused one-liners around. The fast songs seem like they're being dragged behind the band and it's great. Yeah, there's some duds on here. I think that should be expected. But, for this time of year, I can't really come up with any good reason to listen to anything else as regularly as I listen to this.
'Every Picture That I Paint' and 'Everything Flows' are total classics, but these dudes really shine when they get a little snarky and funny, so make sure to take lyrical heed to 'Everybody's Fool'.

Super Highly Recommended

1. Heavy Metal
2. Everything Flows
3. Catholic Education
4. Too Involved
5. Don't Need A Drum
6. Critical Mass
7. Heavy Metal 2
8. Catholic Education 2
9. Eternal Light
10. Every Picture That I Paint
11. Everybody's Fool

A Catholic Education


dirt mcBurt said...

I hate myself for forgetting how awesome "Critical Mass" is. Thanks for taking that burden off my shoulders.

James C said...

Is this music?