Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Screaming Trees-Even If and Especially When (1987)

Sorry to have not written for a while. Things have been busy and I've been hit by the S.A.D. It's cold as balls here in Chicago and not very fun to deal with. So...You get a grunge album. One of my favorites though, for sure. Mark Lanegan's voice gets on some people's nerves. Not mine. He was by far the best singer when MC5 did that reunion show with all those yokels singing and pretending they were cool.

This album is probably a grower for most of you. Definitely more psychedelic than most "grunge" at the time, it still is pretty straightforward rock music. "Don't Look Down" and "Pathway" are pretty awesome jams. The weird-ish "You Know Where It's At" gives away the obsession with NZ music.

You might not like this record, but you might also be kinda dumb.

1. Transfiguration
2. Straight Out to Any Place
3. World Painted
4. Don't Look Down
5. Girl Behind the Mask
6. Flying
7. Cold Rain
8. Other Days and Different Places
9. Pathway
10. You Know Where It's At
11. Back Together
12. In The Forest

Screaming Trees

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