Monday, December 8, 2008

Loudon Wainwright-Album II

So, I said that I would post an album today for someone.
Here it is.

This is hands down my favorite folk record of all time, and the only record I want to listen to when I fucked up in the middle of the night doing shit I really shouldn't be doing.

The lyrics on this album are totally insane. I have never, and quite possibly will never, hear such macho vulnerability. It's a total mind-fuck. Not to mention the fact that this dude has been on all my favorite TV shows and is a total bad ass. What happened to his kids? They suck. I mean, Loudon got totally cheezy in his old age, but we have already had the latter day sins discussion right?

'Trilogy: A. I Know I'm Unhappy B. Suicide Song C. Glenville Reel' has put me in a pretty fucked up mood more than once.
'Motel Blues' is totally fucking twisted and incredible, it's also probably Loudon's most recognized song.
The first line of 'Saw Your Name In The Paper' is awesome.
One of the grower songs on here is 'Samson and the Warden'. It's kinda goofy, but the delivery and phrasing is impeccable. Proof of the sheer songwriting ability this man has.

First line of 'Plane, Too' is pretty sweet too...

So totally fucking recommended...

1. Me And My Friend The Cat
2. Motel Blues
3. Nice Jewish Girls
4. Be Careful There's A Baby In The House
5. Trilogy
6. Saw Your Name In The Paper
7. Samson and the Warden
8. Plane, Too
9. Cook That Dinner, Dora
10. Old Friend
11. Old Paint
12. Winter Song

Motel Blues


stephania said...

when you fuck up eh? what are you trying to say here...
it wasn't so bad was it?

p.s. thanks. i have a date with this record tonight.

cyndi said...

i played motel blues once solo, thinking it was oh so funny for a woman to sing it. no dreams to report.

Michael said...

And he's a hockey fan to boot!

James said...

Loudon's first four albums are among some of my favorite records ever. He's witty, he's playful, he's everything I look for in a songwriter. I've been trying to get my fingers to play "Saw Your Name in the Paper" perfectly now for about a year because I love it so much. If you haven't heard it yet, there's a collection of live tunes called "A Live One" (nonetheless) that's a really great mix of things from early on and plus you get to hear just how funny this dude is in between songs for a guy who can pen some really sad shit.

P.S. His wife & children thought he was an asshole.

Kevin Kujawa said...

come on.
is there something i can do?
i feel like we're growing apart.

cyndi said...

i swear to god, another one, last night. i do not kid. i just think we have some astral plane thing. so no, we are not growing apart.

cyndi said...

and actually the dream was happening right around the time you posted that comment. and yes, i guess the astral plane is lopsided.