Monday, December 1, 2008

Kool Keith-Black Elvis/Lost In Space

Certainly my favorite hip hop album as of right now, this thing is fucking hilarious. I'm sure a lot of you know this record, but some of you indie rock kids might not have ventured into this territory yet. As Keith says: 'Black people mingle, white people buy my single'. In other words, even if you have bangs, you might like this record.

Keith is a true original and definitely a strange guy.
Miles has some pretty decent stories if you get a chance to ask him.
While I'm at it, you should roll over to the Reader's site and read his write-up of the No Age show at AV-Aerie

1. Intro
2. Lost In Space
3. Rockets on the Battlefield
4. Livin' Astro
5. Supergalactic Lover
6. Master of the Game
7. I'm Seein' Robots
8. Static
9. Intro 2
10. Black Elvis
11. Maxi Curls
12. Keith Turbo
13. Fine Girls
14. The Girls Don't Like The Job
15. Clifton
16. All The Time
17. I Don't Play

Black Elvis


Ordinary Offices said...

this is the best album you have on your blog. a masterpiece.

Michael said...

I was at Metro for the tour for this record. Keith tossed out goodie bags to the crowd, each containing one fried chicken wing, an orange juice box, and a wetnap. He wore the same outfit as on the cover, plastic Elvis wig and all. Strange show. Helluva a nice guy though.