Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Will Give You Aural Pt. 2

Here's another mix. Lots o' good shit. Jacuzzi Boys cut is killing me right now. Worked on trying to get them to show up in order in your iTunes too. Hope it works. If you sort your music by album, then this should show up with the album title being 'I Will Give You Aural Pt. 2' if it doesn't, someone should let me know.


1. Thee Oh Sees- Poison Finger
2. Urinals-I'm A Bug
3. Ty Segall- Go Home
4. Troggs- We Waited For Someone
5. Television Personalities- Adventure Playground
6. SRC- Checkmate
7. The Saints- This Time
8. Jacuzzi Boys- Dream Lion
9. Redd Kross- Ann (Stooges Cover)
10. Coathangers- Parcheezzi
11. Neon Boys- Time
12. Blank Dogs- Three Window Room
13. Nerves- When You Find Out
14. Narrator- Culture/Counts

get aural


James said...

Nice, Kevin. My band in high school did a really great cover of I'm a Bug. Actually, you know what, It was awful as I'm not even sure any of knew what we were doing. We just liked songs we heard on skate videos and wanted to be awesome like those guys in the magazines and on VHS tapes.

It was culture and it counted.

The Regenerate Degenerate said...