Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gandalf-S/T (1969)

This one is a true psych gem. Fast, slow, straight, weird, named after a character from LOTR. What else do you want? OH. Forgot...a bunch of the tunes on here are kick-ass re-worked Tim Hardin songs. O.K. so nowwwww what more do you want?

Got turned onto this by my boss Tim at the record store and pretty soon it was being played every day. The tempos on it are near perfect and it seems that the record flows in a strange intuitive way. Don't know much about these guys and I don't think that they even went on to release another record. Bummer.

'I Watch The Moon' is the jam here, but there are all kindsa runners up to that. 'Tiffany Rings' a great version of 'Golden Earrings' that supplies the real psych-out here.

This one is super highly recommended.

1. Golden Earrings
2. Hang On To A Dream
3. Never Too Far
4. Scarlet Ribbons
5. You Upset The Grace Of Living
6. Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
7. Nature Boy
8. Tiffany Rings
9. Me About You
10. I Watch The Moon



Kevin Kujawa said...

forgot to say.
this singer FUCKING BELTS!

James said...

They have one more record & it's fucking awful. At one point I consider replacing my bootlegged vinyl for an original copy & then I looked it up on eBay. No thanks.

An absolute must-own for fans of The Zombies.

Greg said...

i concur, Gandalf 2 is pretty weak but I can burn you a copy of it if you want.