Monday, December 8, 2008

Coachwhips-Bangers Vs. Fuckers

It's Monday morning, I am in my office.
Let's try something brutal to wake us all up, eh?
I feel that this could be the soundtrack for the Blackhawks pounding of the Coyotes last night too.

This is the one and only John Dwyer (Pink & Brown, Thee Oh Sees). I have been playing Oh Sees stuff a whole lot, but after it was brought to my attention that putting that record up would be kinda shitty, I'll put one from his now defunct garage band.
This shit is so loud that when it comes on shuffle you think that the speakers on whatever you're listening to it on are going to explode (It has destroyed a pair of iPod headphones). Great stuff, really fun, and great lyrics even though you can't understand them.

This stuff isn't for the faint, it's fast, loud, and all the songs are kinda same-y. The funny thing is, it doesn't detract from the record at all.

Fuck Monday!

1. You Gonna Get It
2. Extinguish Me
3. I Knew Her
4. Purse Peekin'
5. Dance Floor Bathroom
6. I Drank What?
7. Evil Son
8. The Alarm
9. Recline, Recline
10. Muscle of Love
11. Good Night, Good Bye

I Drank What?

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