Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The survey winner....Neil Young-On The Beach

So I know that the survey thing was dorky, but in all honesty, so am I.
As promised, here is the victorious Neil record in its entirety.

This was the awaited follow-up to his commercial success 'Harvest' and is a pretty big departure.
If you read Shakey, you know that this is also the album where Elliot Roberts introduced the boys to 'honey slides' which is pretty much a bunch of weed cooked into a shot glass with honey and done like a shot. It's quite incapacitating and is purportedly the reason behind the slow down on side two of the album.

Neil is something else. Truly someone that I would defend at any juncture of his career. Nobody talks shit on Neil Young unless they have no fucking clue what is going on.

1. Walk On
2. See The Sky About To Rain
3. Revolution Blues
4. For The Turnstiles
5. Vampire Blues
6. On The Beach
7. Motion Pictures

On The Beach


Josh H. said...

This is one of about four or five Neil Young albums I own digitally. Which is why I voted for Goldrush. I have no vinyl-mp3 magic machine.

Kevin Kujawa said...

there you go.
i put it up for you too.

Josh H. said...

Respect! Thanks, brother. If you need something for trade, lemme know.

cyndi said...

wow. what i said.

last night's dream: you stole $11 dollars from me, via my checkbook. i now forgive.

Kevin Kujawa said...

cyn, i sure am in a lot of your dreams.

cyndi said...

i know. it's weird.