Monday, November 24, 2008

Shrimpss-Endless Shrimpss

well, lusty, seth, jesse, and i went into lust's place yesterday and made an EP.
actually, it's only three songs.
funny, but i'm pretty proud of some of it.

we'll likely try and get some more of these done soon as this is how calibrated crematorium got started.
it's much nicer to actually have a studio at your disposal as is evidenced by the recording quality.
totally amazing vocal by jesse on the 'ripped friends' track.
getting pretty into this shit as i load it up.
hopefully, i'm not just residually drunk/fucked up.

1. Manufactured Company
2. Ripped Friends
3. Accidents



Sous De Charmé said...

Very very good!

Anonymous said...

MC = neil young stuck in my pink floyd.

dirt mcBurt said...

I totally titled these identically in my iTunes without having seen this. Actually, maybe the last one's different. Whatever. Love the art. I've had the wrong lyrics to "MC" stuck in my head. They're even more hilarious to me now.

cyndi said...

I woke up with these songs in my head. Stop it!