Friday, November 21, 2008

Calibrated Crematorium-2 songs from a new record

So, how about some shamesless self-promo.
These are two tunes from our newest thing that is about to come out on Contraphonic in a couple months.
Just figuring stuff out for it now.
People had been wondering what we were doing so I figure I'll try and get people interested before we drop a feather at a metal show and nobody even hears that the record is coming out.
It's going to be called 'What Makes Star Salesmen Tick'.

These are two of my favorites.
One's a Seth tune and the other is one we wrote about Continental right as it's about to close and the wolves come out.

1. 3:30 Continental
2. It's A Shame That You're Leaving

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Josh H. said...

81MB? This shit must be epic.

Kevin Kujawa said...

sorry! duh, one of the tracks is .aif
not too smart.