Monday, November 17, 2008

Bob Darin-Born Walden Robert Cassotto (1968)

There's been a whole lot of good words coming my way from the other Bob Darin post, so I figured I would put up my favorite record by him. It was made a year before 'Commitment' and is the first record he released on his Direction label. It seems kinda odd that there is such an overwhelming response to the Darin records from everyone I've played them for. There's something about these songs that kinda just snaps fingers in front of your face.

Although I love 'Commitment', the lyrics on 'Born...' are far and away better. I hate being a lyric man, as it seems like such a silly thing to be focusing on with this album, but so it is. Lines like "...and the ocean floor will be like a whore, who will lie no more, because she's dead..." on 'Questions' are so not Darin, but are delivered with conviction. It also has the tear-jerker, Bobby's tribute to Robert Kennedy, as the last song on the album.

Bob Darin is certainly not Bobby Darin and his ability to do such a thing late in his career is quite genius. These songs speak for themselves, but if they didn't I'm sure that you could have went and asked Bob.

1. Questions
2. Jingle Jangle Jungle
3. The Proper Gander
4. Bullfrog
5. Long Line Rider
6. Change
7. I Can See The Wind
8. Sunday
9. In Memoriam (Robert Kennedy)

Born Walden Robert Cassotto

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