Friday, November 14, 2008

The Gaylads-Soul Beat

I figured it's just starting to get cold outside so I would try and listen to some of my summer cuts. This one worked especially well as it is nice to sit in a heated (thank you pilot light) apartment and drink to. Of all the reggae stuff I listen to, this and Delroy Wilson have got to be fighting for my favorite. Just great rocksteady.

These guys were Ken Boothe's backing band on a lot of his recordings and were Winston and Bibby before going to the Gaylads name. This record doesn't include their one Jamaican hit, "Africa", but in my eyes is their best stuff.


1. Peculiar Man
2. How Can I Go On?
3. Red Rose
4. The Soul Beat
5. I Am Free
6. Love Me With All Of You
7. Simple Way of Living (This is a STONE COLD jam)
8. Wait On Me
9. You Are Leaving Now
10. Go Away
11. She Cryed
12. She Want It
13. Joy In The Morning

Get The Soul Beat

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