Monday, November 24, 2008

Bee Gees-Cucumber Castle

I have a long running obsession with this record.
I guess that soon I'll have to post the Robin Gibb record too, but this is the one that started me on psych Bee Gees. This shit ain't for everyone, it gets pretty ridiculous and the vocals can be strange/annoying/unbearable for some. To me, it sounds like the happiest mix of Millennium, Gandalf, and strange British folk. Although Robin is my favorite, I just can't stop loving this record. (He doesn't play on it, except for one track)

I suggest you give it a couple spins. You might want to be a little weeded, because it sure is pretty weird at first. Songs about God, Dogs, and being buried are hard to digest all at once. If you get past the initial fear that you might actually like a Bee Gees record I think a lot of people will be singing these dude's praises real soon.

Super Highly Recommended

1. Bury Me Down By The River
2. The Chance Of Love
3. Don't Forget To Remember
4. I Was The Child
5. I.O.I.O
6. If Only I Had My Mind On Something Else
7. Lay Down And Die
8. The Lord
9. My Thing
10. Sweetheart
11. Then You Left Me
12. Turning Tide

Enter the Cucumber Castle

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cinchel said...

i didnt want to admit it at first..but someone made me listen to bee gees 1st and it was amazing. i wish they would have stayed on the psych tip longer and never veered toward discoland. oh well