Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rick Berger-Lighthouse

In my relatively short time playing music, I've gotten the chance to play with some truly talented musicians. Luckily, a in 2003 I got the chance to play with a quiet, kinda shy kid who immediately struck me as someone with a wealth of ideas that weren't being mined by others. Rick could (and did) teach me more about songwriting by talking about food than others could by giving a seminar. There's a brevity and wit to everything that he does, and his lyrics are truly something I have always admired.

Having Rick leave Mannequin Men was one of the hardest things I have gone through in my musical career, (luckily, we won the lotto on a replacement) and something that awakened me to the fact that a songwriting partner is something that is as rare as it is crucial to a band.

Every time I hear something that Rick has done it's immediately identifiable, but fresh, familiar, yet challenging.

I am grateful every day that I got to be there for some of the songs that have came out of this kid, and hopeful every day that I will be there for more.

Here's something I was around for the start of and I guess it's still a work in progress.
Too good not to share though.



Josh H. said...

This is super good. Does dude just do solo stuff now or does he have another band?

Kiernan said...

a hero among men. and a happy (upcoming) birthday to that heroman...

dirt mcBurt said...

This reminds me of "A Good Earth" era Feelies. Rick is all fucking east coast now. Let's go Mets.