Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ethiopians-All The Hits and So Much More


Been quite a while, I know.

In order to encourage the idea of relaxing, here's some of the best shit I have ever heard to "relax" to. Vocal melodies that would make Dennis Wilson blush, and simply fantastic harmonies as well. Simply a must have for the summer and beyond. I dare you, double dare you even, to listen to this and not want to ride your bike down a crowded street on your way to some water. A great album to fish to, to dance to, to fuck to. What more can a man ask.

Get on the train to skaville


James said...

Too hot to fuck. I want Spike Lee to come over to my place and rub ice cubes on my nipples like he does to Rosie Perez in Do the Right Thing.

Anonymous said...

thank you