Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ace's Moon Landing-Skinhead Reggae Comp.

So...It has been ages, and I have no real good excuse. I just got the internet at my house so it's totally possible that I will be updating more. Either way, I have put together a comp. for all of you that includes my favorite skinhead jams from all of the stuff I have been listening to lately. There's some fantastic stuff on here and it is perfect for trying to pretend that it's nice outside (it is a balmy fifty degrees in Chicago right now).

This one should be a good jumping off point for most of you, some weird shit and some standards.

You A Pirate


mike downey said...

Thanks Kev! And thanks for turning me onto youandmeonajamboree, great stuff happening there. I DL most of it now.

Next time you put together a comp like this you should supply an ordered track list. Dude knows you can sequence a mix.


Foo said...

Hey, just taking a look through your blog. Some great posts going up...will have to keep an eye on it!

Heather said...

This compilation is absolute gold, sir. Thank you; I'm all Ethiopians crazy these days!

wandering said...

is there any way you can re-upload this? i just lost all my music and i loved this compilation :(

Alan Price said...

wandering...i'll send it to you. leave an email.

wandering said...

my email is

sorry for this late reply, just looked the compilation up again and forgot i commented. thank you so much!!! X