Monday, February 8, 2010

Kevin Ayers - Shooting At The Moon

Spun from a cloth so weird it could cripple the ShamWow. Ayers is a beauty. Nico chimes in on 'Oyster and the Flying Fish' and it's pretty great. Sure, there's a couple minutes of backwards noise on here that's pretty un-listenable but what have you done recently? 'Lunatic's Lament' is seriously unforgettable, the end part of Rheinhardt & Geraldine (called 'Colores') is pretty epic too.



Josh H. said...

Been meaning to get into Ayers for a long time. Thanks for this. It's fucking amazing.

Tim said...

This album KILLS! However that is Bridget St. John on 'Oyster'...FYI. I also thought it was Nico first time around.