Monday, April 6, 2009

Kevin Ayers - Bananamour

I know, I know...It's been a while.
I'm sorry.

Work has been kicking my ass, and I've been busy as hell.

I figured I'd throw this up here because I really can't stop listening to it.
I play 'Shouting In a Bucket Blues' for anyone who will listen to it, and I kept playing 'Decadence' on repeat on the drive home from Los Angeles.

There's something about Kevin Ayers that I didn't quite pick up at first. Now it's dripping from my chin and I can't get enough of the guy. Great guitar playing and a totally unique voice (both literally and stylistically) combine for a real strange musical experience. I know the word 'genius' gets thrown around a lot at people like Bobby Conn and Devendra Banhart and the like, but if you really wanna get to the root, try Ayers on for size.

Here ya go, dorks.


1 comment:

sondinivm said...

I've been looking to get to know his catalogue for a while...

Many thanks.