Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Currently-March 24, 2009

Been writing a ton of new shit lately with the boys and I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with listening to a TON of new things. Trying to figure out a little bit of a new angle to work things from and getting into some albums that have previously eluded me. I think I'm learning that the key is to temper the weird shit with a little bit of obviousness. Look dumb and play smart, if you will. Here's some songs that have been particularly interesting to me in these past few weeks. Come out on Wednesday and hear how much I rip em' off.

The Bats-Made Up In Blue

-I put these EPs up a while ago and not nearly enough people downloaded them. They're incredible in their simplicity and concurrently how that simplicity piggybacks how hard the songs are to play. The rhythms played in this tune specifically sound rather simple (and are, kinda) but the way everything is woven is truly brilliant. Something I try to constantly copy and can never pull off.

Can-Sing Swan Song

-This came on in the van on the ride home from Iowa and I realized how modern this song is. It sounds like it should be the new Devendra Banhart single. That's no dis on Can, but when you think about it, they really do sound similar. Can is such a strange strange band, and one that I didn't get into until very recently. Their ability to weave songs in and out of genre while still sounding like the same band is incredible and something I admire a great deal.

Kevin Ayers-Shouting In a Bucket Blues

-My old boss, Joe, turned me onto Kevin Ayers and I hated it at the time. As I got older, the nonchalant nature of his recordings really struck me. A virtuoso indeed, the guitar playing on here is hilariously bombastic yet still tasteful. The lyrics are by far what hits me hardest with Kevin's stuff. The opening line of "Sometimes I get too drunk and feel so goddamned low..." is so plaintiff that it almost goes unnoticed. I listen to this song at least once a day and will continue to until I start the cohabitation that is on the horizon. The most "male" song I have heard that has absolutely no masculine qualities.

Harlem-Psychedelic Tits

-This is one of the obvious "garage" records I just can't stop listening to. This fucking kid can SING. The Black Lips wish they were still this good, and Harlem wishes they started the trend cos they'd likely be rich. We can't always get what we want, folks. Again, fantastic lyrics about, what I'm guessing, is sex on hallucinogens. The way the chorus decays is radical and propels this seemingly simple song into one that I'm sure I will be able to place in my life when I'm older.

The Clash-Something About England

-What a bizarre fucking song. Can't believe that this is the same band that wrote 'Janie Jones'. The Clash has made a HUGE reintroduction to my listening pile. When the snare cuts in with the hi-hats at the end of the first "verse" it is incredible. They made the political lyrics palatable and made the goofy ones important, the way a band is supposed to pull it off. Mick Jones is a fucking genius and his harmonies are something that should be mocked. Honestly, please, kids, I'll never smite you for mimicking the Clash.
No one will.

The Zeros-Rico Amour

-Not much to say about this song, but somehow it keeps coming back to me so I figured I'd put it up and see what you guys thought about it. The cadence of this song is just perfect. Steady, lumberingly fast, and delivered very articulately. This is the kind of stuff I always loved about punk. Songs about nothing, the embrace that fact.

Narrator-Wolves In the Walls

-One of the best songs that a friend of mine has ever written. Any friend, any band, any time, this song speaks louder than it could have possibly been intended to. The delivery on the vocal is magic, and totally encapsulates how I would expect Sam to speak to himself in his head. Aside from that, everything sounds like it is passing through the other notes. There's nothing to hold onto until the second verse and then you are offered some beds of notes and nothing more. It reminds me of people who have no association with the song. I hope that one day I put together something that can come close to matching how important this song feels.

The Clean-Whatever I Do It's Right

-The bass in the intro is enough to make you cream your Levi's, but what really dominates this song is the vocal's dance with the drums. The Clean got so much of the simple shit right that it is frustrating. Verse, verse, verse, bridge, verse. The songs aren't following shit, they're just being played. The feel of these songs is something that makes my face hot with envy, must be something in the water in NZ.

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cyndi said...

i've had that bats song in my head on and off ever since you played it at high dive. great mix, thanks.

cyndi said...

shit i have another comment, sorry -- i think kanye got his melody/phrasing for 'drunk and hot girls' from the can song!
for serious.

Eric Marsh said...

Caught a Harlem set at SXSW ... I was sad they didn't play "Psychedelic Tits" which might be the best track off that album, but they were really great anyways -- off tempo, horrible drums fills, sloppy, shit tons of energy and attitude. A+

jr said...

actually cyndi, wikipedia sez kanye actually sampled it. psych!

cyndi said...

i know i figured that out after i posted it and hoped there would be no asshats like you calling me on it. sample/got, same thing. whatevs!

James said...

Wolves in the Walls? Cute. You make me wanna go on livin'. That's one of the least played Narrator songs ever.