Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cypress Hill-III Temples of Boom

I think it started in my pal's JoJo's bedroom. Talking about smoking weed but having no real idea what actual weed was because we were smoking brown shit that made you get a really bad headache, and chonged your eyes worse than you could imagine. This was the soundtrack. We liked rock and roll, but this was too great (even then) to pass on. I remember going to the Smokin' Grooves tour that these guys did with Tribe Called Quest and the Fugees and meeting B-Real at a hotdog stand after the show. He was just walking around. Shook his hand, had him sign my shirt. Weird.

This record is still in pretty heavy rotation and my appreciation for it just grows as I get older.

It's pretty genius, actually, and I don't give a fuck if you don't download this because it's too 'low brow'.
You're a bozo. This record is awesome.

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