Monday, March 9, 2009

The Lemonheads-It's A Shame About Ray

I remember hearing the Lemonheads maybe once or twice before I promptly made my mother buy me a 'Come on Feel...' T-shirt at Kohl's. It's strange, but I loved them in spite of their obvious wussy qualities which could/should have gotten me beat up. My sister thought they were the best, and anything that she was into pretty much fell into my lap. These songs instantly remind me of her, in college, and my first beers, and things like that. It was a rough time for the two of us but I'm certainly not reminded of it when I listen to these songs. There's something in them that makes you nostalgic for something you can't really even remember and that makes me happier than I can express.

So, Dee, here's to you.

It's A Shame...

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