Thursday, March 12, 2009

Arab Strap-Philophobia

Yeah, I'm a bit salted lately, so? I've been really really stressed out and busy and all the other pedantic bullshit excuses, so shut the fuck up. Yeah, this record is sad, so?
Kidding aside, this record falls into the canon of records that you listen to when you break up with someone. Most records fall into the "got broken up with" realm and I appreciate the subtleties involved in writing from the opposite end. The sneering reality of not wanting to be with someone but not wanting them to be with someone else. 'Packs of Three' pretty much hits it on the head. It's possible that "It was the biggest cock you'd ever seen, but you've no idea where that cock has been" is the best opening lyric to an album ever, and "you said you were careful, you never were with me" is the best follow-up. Leaning towards overwhelmingly depressing most of the time is a sure way to get your record listened to on a limited basis, but the serene nature of the "sad" on here makes it o.k.

Give it a whirl.

This strikes me as the kinda record Sturdy would listen to while shooting. Kinda weird, but everytime I hear it that's what I think. So, all you photographers out there. Set up lights and shit to this (but take pictures to Fugazi).

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James said...

I once had my turn revoked for playing this at Reckless on a perfectly sunny Spring day.