Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blackout Fest, Athens, Ohio April 16-19 2009

Well, we finally got asked to play Blackout Fest in Ohio, but we aren't able to do it since it's a Thursday and we have to pretend that we are big boys with real lives. Kinda a drag. The bill seems like a true ripper, and we would have had the chance to re-match Times New Viking which woulda been fun. It's a seven and a half hour drive without stopping which means eight and a half or nine if you're us, and I would have to be back by six Friday. Not happening. Either way, Blackout Fest is one of the cooler festivals that happen across the U.S. on a regular basis, and if I'm not mistaken they've had at least ten of 'em, maybe more.
One of the bands that I was most excited about playing with, a band we shared the stage with in Columbus, that I'm pretty sure didn't like us, the Guinea Worms. Great stuff, but you could tell they thought we were posers. Whatever. Here's a song of theirs since I don't want to put up their recordings and cheat them outta scrilla. Hilarious song title.


Anonymous said...

We never thought you were poseurs,we liked you. we have a weird time playing at that place, plus we are weird people

Blackoutfest is great, thanks for posting this.

G Worms

Kevin Kujawa said...

cool. obviously, we like you too. let's play c-bus when we come through again. probably won't be at Ravari.