Monday, January 5, 2009

The Eight of Oh-Eight

since i want to be cool too, i figured i would make a list of the best records of 2008.

disclaimer: i don't really know a lot about music (current music especially) so my tastes may be what you kids call "lame". totally aware.

figure i'll pick eight records.

8. Jacuzzi Boys-Island Avenue EP

I would have put this one a little higher, but it's only three songs and an album that does not make. Still, this stuff is great. It runs the same race as the Black Lips but more deliberately and maybe even a little steadier. 'Dream Lion', although slow and kinda a buzzkill, is a staple in my DJ sets and is brooding in the way that Bauhaus t-shirts were in high school. Brilliant, snappy, simple stuff from Florida nonetheless. Can't wait for an LP from these guys.

7. Wavves-Wavves

Drum machines ran through Boss DS-1's and unintelligible vocals about 'beach goths'. I hated this record the first time I heard it. I still kinda do. I think that's kinda nice actually and I continue to listen to it for that express purpose. The song titles are fucking hilarious and the cadence of the record seems kind of disjointed from the actual songs if that makes sense. This is the only record released in 2008 that I really believe may have subliminal messages in it.

6. Crystal Stilts -Alight of Night

People say these guys/Vivian Girls cast-off sound like the Velvet Underground. Isn't that just fucking retarded? Why would you say that a band? Remember when people said that about the Strokes? It made no sense then and makes even less now. What these guys do sound like is really really good music to take NyQuil and walk around the city with headphones on to. In fact, that is the express reason they made it onto this here list at this here slot. It may have been freezing rain.

5. Thomas Function- Celebration

When we were down in Alabama playing a show this was all that anyone down there talked about and ended up comparing everything to. Naturally, before I even heard it, I hated the shit out of it. That was misled as this band is everything that great pop bands should be. Consistently awkward in an interesting but not overbearing way. Well crafted sinewy kinda songs that have a 4/4 base and 3/4 tempo. Great singer, great songs.

4. Ty Segall-S/T

Again, a grower. Can't stop listening to/talking about this record still. At first, lo-fi stuff always bothers me because of how hard it is to play the shit out. This stuff charges through the production and even if it just sounds like buzzing at points, it sounds like the buzzing has a motive. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful songs that at no point bore me (I think there's one song over two minutes). This is what I'd always hoped that KK & BBQ Show would end up moving towards and instead they started to sound like a shitty James Brown cover band. There is merit in Ty Segall's approach to music. They could be huge with a little compromise on their end, but I think that once people get a real grip on this record they won't need to meet anyone in the middle. Garagey without being dated, noisy without being intelligent. Like if a white Little Richard fronted a louder Dirtbombs.

3. Muslims-Muslims

How many fucking self-titled records made this list?! Jesus. Think of something people. It's really not that hard to name a record. I know it seems cool to just let the name speak for itself but you did what?
You released a self-titled record that was released to critical acclaim?
Then you changed your name to the Soft Pack?
Are you a fucking idiot?

What a fun record. The OK GO dis is enough for a listen.
It sounds like the Velvet Underground!

2. Nodzzz-Nodzzz 12"

Remember Half Japanese? Yeah, well these guys are a shitload better. Fun is the only way to describe them and if it wasn't for how ridiculously amazing the Thee Oh Sees record is, it would have been number one. The single not included on this record is 'I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)' and may be my favorite song of 2008. (The 7" has since sold out and will not be repressed from what I hear)

If you are a fan of pop music, this is your ticket to sweetsville.

1. Thee Oh Sees-The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

Terrifyingly agressive music that still seems stoned and laid back. This is what garage bands want to sound like. Equal parts Jandek, Troggs, and Soft Boys with a little Donovan thrown in for good measure (check out their early cover of 'Get Thy Bearings' off of OCS4) this is my favorite band right now, period. John Dwyer from Coachwhips fronts with a girl that sounds so fucking hot it makes my buttcheeks tremble. GO BUY THIS RECORD RIGHT NOW DUMMY.

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