Monday, January 12, 2009

The Replacements-Hootenanny!

I've had a lot of favorite bands in my time here on Earth. I operate on hyperbole, anyone who knows me understands that, "they are the greatest band in the world" generally doesn't translate exactly. I find it easier to speak in absolutes as it suggests a sense of conviction that is absent from most everybody nowadays.

As I have taken time to really find music that compels me to do things like write a music blog for instance, I continue to return to the 'Mats.

I don't know really why it speaks so true and awkwardly. I'm late in the game and never hung at 7th street or Oarfolk and I'm not even sure I would have if I was there. But the Replacements understood that collision of everything and nothing. They didn't care at all and they cared more than anyone in a seamless, unquestionable line. This album shows me how it used to be possible to make a god honest statement about nothing at all, and consequently, most everything in the same breath.

As ridiculous as those homos who talk about the power of music are, and no matter how many times you have to listen to them, coked out of their minds, speak of intrinsic beauty, know there is truth to it. You can't find it everywhere, and you can't find it easily, but if you think like I do you can find it in the 'Mats.

To all those who hate them for being so good, and love them for being so bad.

1. Hootenanny!
2. Run It
3. Color Me Impressed
4. Willpower
5. Take Me Down To The Hospital
6. Mr. Whirly
7. Within Your Reach
8. Buck Hill
9. Lovelines
10. You Lose
11. Hayday
12. Treatment Bound



John said...

basically a flawless album.

Anonymous said...

how could I have ever, ever forgotten 'Within Your Reach'?

Kevin Kujawa said...

i don't know, frankly.

cham said...