Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scout Niblett-Kidnapped by Neptune

Yup, that's right. Scout Niblett. People give me all kindsa shit for listening to her and I don't really get it. Everyone I talk to about this record says that her voice grates on them, and that it reminds them of Joanna Newsom. I can't afford weed good enough to make this true. This album flows great. This album is what your sub-conscious listens to when you put on Fleet Foxes. This album reminds me of Rick's old Volkswagen. This is a great headphone travel record, which I suppose are the only kind I upload since I am constantly commuting. She gets a pretty radical guitar tone that's kinda 1996 and super super compressed in an almost obnoxious way. Guess what? I fucking love 1996 and so should you. I recommend this for anyone who is a Liz Phair fan but wishes it would tweak a bit. Get real and get this record.

1. Hot to Death
2. Kidnapped BY Neptune
3. Pom Poms
4. Lullaby for Scout in Ten Years
5. Fuck Treasure Island
6. Relax
7. Valvoline
8. Good To Me
9. Handsome
10. Safety Pants
11. Newburyport
12. This City
13. Wolfie
14. Drink To Me
15. Where Are You?

Fuck Treasure Island


Josh H. said...

I love me some Scout Niblett. Bought this album when it came out but for some reason it wouldn't upload to my computer. A nice, guilt-free download. Thanks.

James said...

She played an in-store at Reckless Broadway and I was crushing BIG TIME. I bought her tea (on the store, of course).

Side note: I hate Fleet Foxes. I like to keep my "pussy shit" set on "total" and their shit doesn't cut the bread.

Kevin Kujawa said...

dude. she's babe-licious.
if she was a president....
you get the idea

DM said...

this record sounds like asphalt.

and i don't have a lot of "famous" people stories, but she smoked a cigarette on my kitchen floor once and smoking wasn't even allowed inside my house.

Kevin Kujawa said...

i'm not sure if sounding like asphalt is a good or a bad thing.

i suppose it's relative.

Eric said...

Static Films opened for her when I was in the band. The show was at the old Bottom Lounge and I got a chance to talk to her...I'm sure I sounded like how a little kid sounds to a cute camp counselor.

Ozzy said...

Hi! Link is dead... Could you possibly reupload it sometimes? Please?
Thanks a lot!