Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flamin' Groovies-Teenage Head

This one has been sneaking into the DJ set more and more. Seems like everyone I play it for has never heard it before which seems strange, but at the same time, totally awesome. It's pretty easy to get enthusiastic about this record in the winter. It kinda exudes this strange aura of aggressive laziness. Some of the songs loaf around and don't really do anything, they go on for six minutes, they go through about seven jam parts, but still, you sit intently.

That's tough to do.

For anyone who digs on simple rock and roll and the way Todd Rundgren made records sound, you will fucking worship this record. Great vocalist and phenomenal guitar players in the same way that Malcom Young is a phenomenal guitar player.

Highly Recommended.

LINK FIXED 4:44 P.M. 1/29
Fixed Groovies


gog said...

i totally unnerstand wot you gotz in yer bovver-boy (!)
completely to say this...!
bovver be or bovver nay- the looming glom ov pre-psyche-proto-punk-post new-won't is tooo much for many a toe curdling dj to shove off-shore and even the majick beatles are too far gone and oftener too blame dkygftrtrrtrtryeyeyeuwuwiiqq
stop... john lennon... john lennon

gog said...


Rumble Fish said...

Thank you for this! Very interestin stuff